Pluralsight Professional Services Terms and Conditions

Last modified: December 27, 2019 (v. 3.1.0)


By accepting, using, participating in, or otherwise engaging with (collectively referred herein as “use”) any of Pluralsight’s product integrations, consulting or other professional services offerings (collectively, the “Services”, and more specifically defined below), Customer understands, acknowledges, and agrees to these Professional Services Terms and Conditions, which may be amended from time to time. These Professional Services Terms and Conditions shall serve as an addendum to that certain underlying agreement between Customer and Pluralsight (the “Agreement”), whether such separate agreement is (i) Pluralsight’s Terms of Use available at or Pluralsight One’s Terms of Use found at (“Terms of Use”) (ii) a Pluralsight Sales Order, (iii) a Master Services Agreement, or (iv) any other agreement executed by the Parties. In the event such an Agreement fails to exist, the Parties agree to Pluralsight’s Terms of Use shall be the governing Agreement.


The scope and features of the Services may be determined by the subscription Plan Customer has purchased under the Agreement or by way of the Services set forth on a Sales Order or statement of work (“SOW”) executed by the Parties. A summary of subscription Plans, including any bundled Services offerings, can be found at体育足球. A summary of Pluralsight’s Services, their associated scope and features, is as follows:

1.     ProServ Skills Strategy: The Proserv Skills Strategy plan provides the Customer with a customized road map to align internal business objectives to Pluralsight’s content through delivery of one (1) Skills Strategy plan on a topic to be agreed upon by the Parties. 365体育足球Unless otherwise outlined in a SOW between the Parties, Customer must engage with Pluralsight to commence the ProServ Skills Strategy session on the start date of the Sales Order and such work shall be completed within forty-five (45) days.  

2.     ProServ Integrations: 365体育足球Customer will be provided with a variety of integrations to facilitate Customer’s use of Pluralsight. ProServ Integrations will be valid for the Term of the underlying subscription Plan.

a.      Single Sign-On (SSO). Pluralsight supports SSO using SAML 2.0 as the standard. SSO is a configuration between Customer and Pluralsight (or Customer’s LMS and Pluralsight) that allows Users to provision a Pluralsight log-in and/or login to the Pluralsight Platform without the need for Pluralsight-specific credentials. Customers are responsible for the IdP side of such connection. SAML spec is followed universally, both SP and IdP initiated linking and deep linking are supported. Customer may also choose self-provisioning, which does not use SAML JIT.

b.     Auto SSO. Customer may be given the ability to have Pluralsight build issuance criteria and automated channel, team and plan mapping, but agrees that any such attributes delivered across the SSO configuration are Customer’s responsibility; and as such, Customer disclaims any and all liability associated with alignment to any such attributes.

c.      Data Export.365体育足球 Pluralsight offers additional reporting of usage information beyond Pluralsight’s standard dashboard that can be exported to a .CSV or .TXT file (said process referred herein as “Data Export”). Delimiter options include pipe, tab, space, and comma, and while the file naming conventions may be customizable, Pluralsight provides no guarantee. Data Export can be enabled to trigger one-time or on a daily, weekly, or monthly recurring basis via Customer’s FTP, SFTP, or POST/PUT to API (hereinafter “Data Export Instruments”). Pluralsight is not responsible to provide or support Customer’s Data Export Instruments and further agrees that delivery times of such Data Exports may vary.

d.     Usage API.365体育足球 Pluralsight has created and maintains a REST API that includes API end points for usage, completions, and users. Pluralsight only provides the end points and API tokens and will not support nor provide Customer scripting to such end points and tokens. The API tables that support Pluralsight's API endpoints update at least once every 24 hours. There are no restrictions on how frequently such API endpoints can be hit, but Pluralsight reserves the right to block IPs if such access becomes excessive in Pluralsight’s sole opinion.

e.      User Management API. The User Management API allows for user invites, user updates/deletes/reads, and team assignment (not creation). Pluralsight only provides the end points and tokens and does not support or provide scripting to such end points and tokens. There are no restrictions on how frequently such API endpoints can be hit, but Pluralsight reserves the right to block IPs if such access becomes excessive in Pluralsight’s sole opinion.

3.     ProServ Onboarding: Unless otherwise outlined in a SOW between the Parties, Customer must engage with Pluralsight to commence ProServ Onboarding on the start date of the Sales Order and such work shall be completed within ninety (90) days. ProServ Onboarding includes the following Services:

  • ProServ Skills Strategy 
  • ProServ Integrations
  • Technical project plan*
  • Assigned Technical Onboarding Consultant*
  • Assigned Enterprise Support Representative*
  • One on-site onboarding workshop

*Unless otherwise set forth in an SOW, these Services shall run for the ninety (90) day duration of the onboarding engagement.

4.    Workshops: Workshops combine the expertise provided by Pluralsight’s internal experts with a Pluralsight author to create a skill development program around a specific technology objective for Customer. Unless otherwise set forth in a SOW, a Workshop will include a discovery session around the Customer’s needs, the creation of pre-requisite channels for participants, four (4) virtual sessions between the author and up to twenty (20) participants, and the creation of one (1) post-workshop channel for learners over a period not to exceed ten (10) weeks. Skill assessments from the Platform are conducted during the program to further refine the Customer’s curated channel of paths, courses, and in-session content to the current skill proficiency level for all participants.

365体育足球Customer must have an active subscription for all participants engaged in a Workshop. Workshop curriculum is limited to the current content on the Platform and topics are limited to the following: C#, Angular, Python, React, Node.js, Docker, ASP.NET, Powershell, Kubernetes and Java. Topics are subject to increase at Pluralsight’s sole discretion. Customer is responsible for scheduling each Workshop with Pluralsight’s professional services team promptly upon execution of an agreement and scheduling will be subject to author availability. Unless otherwise agreed in a SOW, all Services will be offered virtually and must be scheduled within one (1) year from the effective date of this agreement.  


A. Customer shall have a revocable, nontransferable, term license to use the copy of the materials provided by Pluralsight in connection with the Services for its internal use only. All other rights in the materials remain in and/or are assigned to Pluralsight. The Parties will cooperate with each other and execute such documents as may be appropriate to achieve the objectives of this Section.

365体育足球B. Customer acknowledges that Pluralsight may develop for itself, or for others, content similar to the materials and processes developed in performing the Services, and nothing contained herein precludes Pluralsight from developing or disclosing such materials and information, provided that the same does not contain or reflect Customer Confidential Information.

365体育足球C. Services provided by Pluralsight hereunder are for use by Customer only and for the purposes described herein. Pluralsight is not liable for any loss or injury of Customer or its Users arising out of or caused, in whole or in part, by Customer's or its Users' use or application of the knowledge gained from the Services. In no event will Customer allow third parties to access or use the materials provided by Pluralsight in connection with the Services provided. Pricing for Services is based on the number of Users in Customer's Plan and is subject to change. Services are non-cancelable and associated fees paid or payable are non-refundable and cannot be used as a credit towards any other amounts due to Pluralsight.

D. In the event of a conflict between these Professional Services Terms and Conditions and any Sales Order or SOW executed by the Customer, the provisions of the Sales Order or SOW shall take precedence over provisions of these Professional Services Terms and Conditions.